Presentation of the Project at the Angelica Library

Provisional program

9.30am Opening of proceedings

Institutional greetings

9.45am The Codex 4D Project

Eva Pietroni (Coordinator of the ISPC-CNR project) and Fulvio Mercuri (Unit Manager-University of Rome Tor Vergata): The project “Codex4D: 4-dimensional journey in the manuscript”

Umberto D’Angelo (Director of the Angelica Library): The Angelica Library and its role in the Codex4D project.

11.15am coffee break

11.45am Codex 4D virtual applications on display

Website, Web App, Holographic Showcase, presentation by the authors

12.30pm 2.30pm Research and innovation projects

Graziano Ranocchia (University of Pisa) and Costanza Miliani (ISPC-CNR): Exploring Greek and Latin bookrolls through noninvasive techniques. The ERC Advanced Grant 885222-GreekSchools for the optical investigation of Herculaneum papyri

Gennaro Ferrante (Federico II University) Illuminated Dante Project

Alessandra Chirivì (ISPC-CNR) Illuminated manuscripts and diagnostic investigations: the CNR-ISPC DataSpace platform

1.15pm Refreshments

2.30pm Research and innovation projects

Chiara Colombo (ISPC-CNR): The non-invasive diagnostics conducted by MOLAB on a miniature of De Balneis Puteolanis

Roberto Giurano (Scriptorium Foroiuliense) The Gutenberg Bible

Paola Manoni (Vatican Apostolic Library): AI4MSS: an artificial intelligence experiment at the Vatican Apostolic Library

Giuliano Giuffrida (Vatican Apostolic Library): Interdisciplinary study of the digital corpus of the Vatican Apostolic Library

Francesco Zimei (University of Trento) and Federico Simonetta (Gran Sasso Science Institute of L’Aquila): Manuscripts as repositories of orality: in search of lost musical praxis. ERC AdG 101054750 “The Italian Lauda: Disseminating Poetry and Concepts Through Melody (12th-16th centuries)”.

Michela Perino (CNR OVI) Digital Restoration of Palimpsests: Imaging Techniques and Artificial Intelligence

4.00pm Round Table

Moderators (to be confirmed): Maddalena Signorini, Umberto D’Angelo, Eva Pietroni, Ugo Zammit. Participants: Cristina Aresti, Ilaria Vercillo, (Casanatense Library); Andrea Cappa (National Library); Paolo Vian (Vatican Apostolic Archives); Francesca Manzari (Sap1ienza University of Rome), all speakers.

18:00 Closing of work

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