Interdisciplinary journey into the ancient manuscript

Contribution in volume
Eva Pietroni, Noemi Orazi, Bruno Fanini: Codex4D. Interdisciplinary journey into the ancient manuscript. In Plurilingualism and Migrations, Open access digital series, CNR editions.


The goal of the Codex 4D project, carried out by CNR ISPC and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, is to create an interdisciplinary experience with the ancient codex, from a historical-artistic and diagnostic-conservative point of view. In order to integrate in a coherent space all the information about the visible elements and the hidden elements in the underlying layers of matter, a 4D model of the ancient codex is elaborated, explorable in the three canonical dimensions and in the successive levels of stratigraphic depth . This is made possible by the integration of photogrammetry and reflectography and thermography techniques. Through the creation of a multimedia website, a Web3D environment dedicated to the scientific visualization of the artifact, and a holographic showcase for museums, the project pushes the languages of scientific communication into new territories of experimentation that can arouse emotion and motivate the public to knowledge .

Keywords: Manuscripts; Multidisciplinary approach; Documentation of visible and invisible elements; Virtual and mixed reality.

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