The Codex 4D project: a 4-dimensional journey into the illuminated manuscript.

Book chapter: Eva Pietroni, Chiara Florise Amadei, Alessandra Chirivì, Bruno Fanini, Daniele Ferdani, Noemi Orazi, Alfonsina Pagano, Patrizia Schettino, 2023: The Codex 4D project: a 4-dimensional journey into the illuminated manuscript. In “Digital Middle Ages. Documents and archives, Art and architecture”, edited by Antonella Ambrosio and Paola Vitolo, Viella editrice Collana:Fuori collana, Rome, 2023. Paper …

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PatentF.Mercuri, S.Paoloni, U. Zammit, N. Orazi, E. Pietroni, E. d’Annibale, D. Ronchi, D. Ferdani: patent application filed for invention “Method for obtaining a three-dimensional digital reconstruction in infrared of a stratigraphically explorable object”, n. 102023000004968 of 16.3.2023 – as part of the project “Codex 4D Journey in 4 dimensions in the illuminated manuscript”. Abstract:The invention …

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Interdisciplinary journey into the ancient manuscript

Contribution in volumeEva Pietroni, Noemi Orazi, Bruno Fanini: Codex4D. Interdisciplinary journey into the ancient manuscript. In Plurilingualism and Migrations, Open access digital series, CNR editions. Summary The goal of the Codex 4D project, carried out by CNR ISPC and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, is to create an interdisciplinary experience with the ancient …

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UX holographic showcase Genoa

Journal article Patrizia Schettino, Eva Pietroni, Enzo d’Annibale:  Re-thinking visitor experience with ancient manuscripts through the holographic showcase. The case of the project Codex4d and its first public results from a mix method evaluation in situ. In Heritage 2023, Volume 6, Issue9, MDPI, pp.6035-6065;, Abstract Ancient manuscripts are precious and fragile objects, preserved in libraries, museums, …

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XR Salento

Article in volumeEva Pietroni, Alessandra Chirivì, Bruno Fanini, Alberto Bucciero: An innovative approach to shape information architecture related to ancient manuscripts, through multi-layered virtual ecosystems. From Codex4D to DataSpace project. In Proceedings Extended Reality, International Conference XR Salento 2023, Lecce, Italy, September 6-9, 2023; editors Lucio Tommaso De Paolis, Pasquale Arpaia, Marco Sacco, Springer-Nature, Switzerland, …

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ICCCP21 Slovenia 2022

Conference proceedings Orazi N.; Mercuri F.; Paoloni S.; Zammit U.; Caruso G.; D’Annibale E.; Ronchi D.; Ferdani D.; Florise Amadei C.; Pietroni E. (2022): 3D Browsing of historical books by means of Active Infrared Thermography. In ICPPP21 – International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena, Bled – Slovenia, 19/06/2022 -24/06/2022, pp.340-341.

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