A Web3D environment is dedicated to the interactive visualisation and scientific analysis of manuscripts and the precise questioning of contextualised information (annotations or semantic descriptors) in four dimensions, for an audience predisposed to thorough study and discussion.

The environment is based on the ATON open source framework developed by the CNR IPSF. The Codex4D WebApp also provides an editor profile right beside the public user profile, accessible through authentication.

Both profiles have been programmed to allow real-time exploration of the object based on the amount of prospects acquired. It is also possible to use measurement tools, display or hide annotations entered on the model, or move lighting in the scene to better highlight certain details. 

The IR interactive detector lens that allows the user-selectable layers of the manuscript to be analysed in completely can also be used on the 4D model, thus switching from superficial RGB to IR images. 

On the other hand, the editor profile has a special feature that is able to create new semantic annotations and to edit and delete any previous annotations. Changes will be visible to the user in real time. Semantic annotations will be filterable by category in both profiles.

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