Financed by:

LAZIO REGION Public notice “Research Groups 2020” referred to in Det. n. G04052 of 04/04/2019 – POR FESR LAZIO 2014 – 2020

Realized by:

CNR, Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences University of Rome, Tor Vergata.

In collaboration with the Angelica Library and Casanatense Library of Rome


Fulvio Mercuri, Univ. TV,  Eva Pietroni, CNR ISPC 

Scientific coordination of the multimedia project:

Eva Pietroni, CNR ISPC

Historical, artistic, textual and codicological analysis:

Alessandra Chirivì, CNR ISPC; Maddalena Signorini, Univ. TV

Image-based modelling:

Daniele Ferdani, Diego Ronchi, Enzo d’Annibale, CNR ISPC

3D modeling and texturing:

Daniele Ferdani, Chiara Florise Amadei, CNR ISPC

Infrared thermography and mid-infrared reflectography:

Noemi Orazi, Fulvio Mercuri, Stefano Paoloni, Ugo Zammit, Univ. TV, Giovanni Caruso, CNR ISPC

Chemical analyses, HPLC chromatography:

Laura Micheli, Rocco Cancelliere, Univ. TV

Chemical analyses, FTIR spectroscopy:

Claudia Mazzuca, Univ. TV

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF):

Chiara Colombo and Marco Realini, CNR ISPC

RAMAN spectroscopy:

Claudia Conti, Marco Realini, Alessandra Botteon, CNR ISPC

Fluorescence induced by ultraviolet radiation (UVL), UV-vis-NIR reflectance, Hyperspectral imaging in the visible spectrum:

David Buti, Donata Magrini, CNR ISPC

Graphic layouts:

Chiara Florise Amadei, Alfonsina Pagano, CNR ISPC

User experience design:

Eva Pietroni, Patrizia Schettino, CNR ISPC

User Research, co-design workshop:

Patrizia Schettino, CNR ISPC

Management of editorial flows:

Eva Pietroni and Patrizia Schettino

Project Management:

Eva Pietroni, with the administrative support of Davide Berti, CNR ISPC


Concept and design:

Eva Pietroni, Alfonsina Pagano, Chiara Florise Amadei, Patrizia Schettino, CNR ISPC

General website contents:

Eva Pietroni, CNR ISPC

Narrated glossary contents:

Maddalena Signorini, Noemi Orazi, Univ. TV, Alessandra Chirivì, Patrizia Schettino, Eva Pietroni, CNR ISPC


By the entire Univ. TV and CNR ISPC working group

First website prototyping:

Federico Maria Avano, CNR ISPC

Website implementation:

Digital image processing:

Leonardo Rescic, CNR ISPC



Bruno Fanini, Eva Pietroni, Patrizia Schettino, CNR ISPC
Fulvio Mercuri, Noemi Orazi, Univ. TV

Mock up:

Alfonsina Pagano, Chiara Florise Amadei, CNR ISPC

Web app programming (ATON framework):

Bruno Fanini, CNR ISPC

User interface web app:


Concept and design:

Eva Pietroni, Enzo d’Annibale, CNR ISPC

Screenplay, direction, animation and video compositing:

Eva Pietroni, CNR ISPC

Interaction design, software and hardware integration:

Enzo d’Annibale, CNR ISPC


Nathalie Mentha, Teatro Potlach

Dramaturgy and choreography:

Eva Pietroni, Nathalie Mentha

Virtual set:

Marcus Acauan, Claudio Rufa, Teatro Potlach

Thanks to:

The Angelica Library of Rome and the Casanatense Library for making the codes available and for their cordial collaboration, hospitality of the study activities and presentation of the results to the public.

MOLAB and Director Costanza Miliani, also director of the CNR ISPC, for having participated in the project by making instruments and skills available.

Claudio Rufa for the music.

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